Friday, November 27, 2009

oh lala,sketch occupational englishh!

akhirnyaaaaa,sketch for ocupational englishh,the veryy keramat punyer assignment lahhh,
haha da present pon last wednesdayy.wuhuu kteorg buat cm audition punyer scene je,
our sketch titled"UNISEL GOT TALENT".walaweyhh gempak an tajokk,haha the nite b4 i td mais sume,plan scene kat tasikkk,haha siot jeee,but seronok oke.haha,then tgh2 act nmpk pulakkk cm ade couple ni kene serbuu polis haha,ape dorg buat?beromen la dlm kete,haha pdn mukeee,shah alam babe,nbk beromen pegy la dalam hutan keee?haih enough for that.hmm watak watak nye adelah:

syera;mean judges
basyar;mean judges
me;model wannabe & soo gedikk
any;model wannabe & perasan hot
alyaa;singer wannabe but too shy ang kiddy:))
chacha;singer wanna be but omg out of tone!

hmm,i think our skecth is the best n make our lovely MISS ALICE,open her mouth WIDELY,haha.
then after that skect we all one whole class make an apologize to miss alice and the class end hapily and we also take pic with miss alice,haihhhhh,the pic i not with me,next timee update oke!