Sunday, January 10, 2010

facebook quiz.

What Kind Of Person Are You?
Aten's result is Happly Bubbly!
You are a fun and happy person! you're not upset and depressed, your lovely :) are you at a good place in your life right now? or are you still sorting things out? if there's anything upsetting you sort it out quickly to make your life completely perfect! you are a nice person! and enjoy your life to the MAX! Stay happy :)

*its true but im a sad girl sometimes.:(

Who do you miss the most?
Aten's result is your boyfriend/girlfriend
you love them so much you would never want to lose them, you are with them so much you dont know what life would be like without them

*yeah i do miss the a LOT!grr.

What do people think when they see your eyes?
Aten's result is beautiful eyes
you have beautiful delicate eyes. people think your are beautiful. and becuase of your eyes think you are friendly.

*maybe its true:).

What are u hiding in ur heart?
Aten's result is LOve
u say that ur happy being single u complain sometimes but mostly u keep by ur self about it but u want it baddd

*im happy being single,but sometimes im lonely:(

kenapa anda masih single?
Aten took the kenapa anda masih single? quiz and the result is jual mahal sangat
bukan kerana kamu tidak laku, tapi mungkin kamu terlalu ego untuk menyambut cinta. mungkin juga cinta yang lalu membuatkan kamu serik untuk bercinta lagi. tapi jelas dalam hati kamu sunyi.

*mungkin jugakk