Friday, March 05, 2010

precious of mine .

cik cipot sayang &the necklace someone gave me the last time we have ever met.

i love the necklace.
it reminds me of someone i have love before.
it suck to remember the lovelife we have build together kn bongokk?
u make me feel happy and angau mcm ape jee.
yes i am,
you make me smile when i was down,
your text was so sweet ,
make me giggled alone in the wee hours,
i've give you everything,
but u leave me hanging here without answer for my question.
why baby why?
and now i take it as it is all over
and we are done here.
i hope u keep what i gave you as a birthday present and i'l keep your necklace syg.
i do miss you so much,
but then i realized that u are not mine anymore,
i am all alone with nobody to hug and comfort me,
there is no more you in my heart,
dont come to me and begging me to be yours again.
i wont turn back sayang.
i'll stick with my desicion.
go find other and tell them you love her as u told me so when we first met sayang .
go and dont come back.
just go ,please.

*p/s:thnx for the memories M N N .
sorry for the SUCK english readers :D