Friday, July 02, 2010

sorry seems to be the hardest word.

New semester have started about a week now.So i thought everything is going to be just fine .But unfortunatelly everything just not work as i plan.It seems like my fren are falling apart .Im sad to see this happen.They just like missing puzzle in my life.Cn youguys just say sorry and make PEACE??It hurts me to see youguyss like deeply HURT.Until when youguys are going to be like this huh?we have been togehther almost a year and have another a year to go on b4 finish diploma.We will be in the same class ,same level and same university.Come on lah ,be mattured.Takkan sebab hal kecik nk gaduh besar besaran mcm nieee?nk start new life lahh ape lahh. boleh pergi jauh mane pon nk strt new life too?mesti pusing pusing jumpe muke same jugak kn?entahlah nk ckp lebih lebih pon tak bole.nanti dikata "jaga tepi kain orang " pulak.Suka hati korg lah.Dah besar .Fikirlah sendiri ye kawan kawan tersayang.

P/S:"Sorry "means A LOT if you said it SINCERELY.:D