Saturday, October 09, 2010

company story

Kay sayanggg,saye amek pic dr blog awak eh ?:))

Black n white company :)
Izarif Izzad -CEO
Kay Nisa-Copywriter (Lead)
Liyana Rasly -Copywriter
Annyz Hazwani-Copywriter
Shangar Maniam -Copywriter
Annie Joejia-Copywriter
Syahirah Liyana -Copywriter
Aten Alias-Designer (Lead)
Amira Farhana-Designer
Nal Alyaa-Designer
Haireez Azeem Azizi-Designer
Abdul Afiq-Designer
Wanie Kamarudin-Designer
Irfan Daniel-CEO's Assistant

Dear guys,Thnx for your cooperation along our journey almost 4 months together to archieve the best for our proud of youguys!farewell.and good luck in whatever youguys do!XOXO LOVE