Friday, November 12, 2010

5 Definitive Signs That Your Boyfriend Loves You

Don't worry there is a solution to know if your boyfriend loves you. The following are some definitive signs to look for:

• Fascination:

There are several signs which show that your boyfriend loves you. One of them is that he will show great interest in all your activities. He will ask you about all your day-to-day activities. Also, he will be keen to know what is happening in your life and will be asking all the things which are linked with you.

• Calls you frequently:

One of the signs that your boyfriend loves you is that he will make frequent & repeated calls. Generally, men do not attend calls and women criticize that men never return calls. The man who really loves you will surely make a call at least in a day. If you try to forget him, he will surely remind his presence felt by at least calling once in a day. And even if you remind him to call you every time and still he doesn't call you, it means that it's all over.

• Introduces to his family:

The role of family in every person's life is very essential. If the person introduces you to his family then that is one of the good signs that your boyfriend loves you. It is obvious that if a person feels that the person is fit for him he will introduce you to his family. Another promising sign that your boyfriend loves you is that he will plan a meeting with your family.

• Frequent Excuses:

One of positive signs that your boyfriend loves you is that even if he is busy he will find some time to talk to you. In his busy schedule, he will find some time to spend with you. If he loves you, he would not give any regular excuses, instead he will try all the possible ways to meet you.

• Future Planning:

Observe your boyfriend's behavior! If he prefers words like 'we' or 'us over 'I' and 'me' then you know he really thinks of the long-term relationship with you.