Monday, November 08, 2010

5 proves to show ur bf is THE ONE

Emotions may run high, you may have great sex but is your boyfriend "The One?"

In order for you to face the truth, you have to be willing to not settle for a dead end, high and dry relationship.

And although some women would rather settle for just having a man, you want to be sure that you're not with ANY man and wasting your life.

Because if you want to know the truth, just have a listen to the people who care about you the most without being resentful that they are trying to run your life. The people around you like your girlfriends act as buffers when your mind can get out of control and fixated on a man.

There are many ways to know if your boyfriend is the ONE, but here are 5:

1. He chased - your man's chase was unlike any of the other men you've encountered. He pursued you with a passion because he knows you are a Queen and that men must be worthy of you.

2. He's in tune with you - your man "gets" you, unlike any of the other men you've met. You are on the same wavelength. He starts where you begin and he's sensitive to everything about you.

3. He's awakens you - talk about feeling a clap of thunder. Your man unveiled your soul and sat in it, plus he causes you to tremble with every fiber of your being.

4. He's in love with you - you're in a relationship but if he is not in love with you, you need to leave him. Don't give it a second thought. No love equals No respect.

5. He'll sacrifice for you - before he started dating you, he would spend all of his time with the boys but now that you're together, he gives up some of his guy time just to be with you. He makes you feel special and his friends know how much you mean to him.